Dear Reader,

I have always secretly wanted to start my own blog since I’ve always been an avid consumer of games and related media. In my first post, I talk about myself somewhat impersonally because I don’t really think that online our personal identities matter in the same fashion in which they matter in real life, but I will now, to a certain degree, make up for it.

I was born in the year 1992 in the eastern European country of Bulgaria and grew up in its capital city, Sofia. During my early adolescence, I moved to Italy, where I finished high school. Currently, I live in the city of Milan and study Political Sciences at the university.

My interests include video games, writing, literature, and journalism, although I have a very peculiar taste in all four of these fields and find myself often disagreeing drastically with widely held opinions.

In my view, games are neither Art nor Sports. While the gaming industry has tried to represent them as such, they are a new form of entertainment and expression and should be analyzed and studied separately, employing new conceptual tools and evaluating them through new perimeters.

Although I play them all, it is my belief that the MMORPG Sandbox genre, today stale and decadent, once held the most promise and has intrinsically the biggest potential.

As both a reader and a writer, I’m interested in long, well thought and well written, analyses of games, gaming genres, the gaming industry and theory of games.

Lastly, I think a historical perspective on gaming is always required in order to produce coherent analyses, thus I’m fond of older titles, niche games, and predictions about the future of the medium.

More about me in my Who am I and Why do I game post.

“Stay awhile and listen”.

– K.P. “Gasperovsky” Konstantinov